Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dani Joy´s Spring Into Shape Video Finale

It´s our Last Week!!!

Oh no... now I am sad. =(

Oh but not for long!
We are going to do a summer challenge for sure! And I hope and pray you all will keep staying fit and healthy for life.

This isn´t my last post. I will be posting a Springy Journal next week and then a closing post on April 1 with the winners. (No April fools here though.)

Here are my finale videos! Choose and pick or watch them all! hehe

You ladies have been such a boost for me! I wouldn´t have kept at it many times if it weren´t for you. I am going to say an early thank- you!! 

Keep with it this last week, even if you have not seen your goal yet, you will if you keep at it! Don´t get down about it, just get back on with it! Don´t let Satan feed you lies, stuff Him in the face with your determination and discipline! Remember "Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world!"

Looking forward to your last week of posts. Remember you may post as much as you want this last week.

Love you, Ladies!
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