Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Week 10 Rules and Points


WEEK 10 Grand Slam Specials -

1. Springy Journal.= 4pts!
  • As many Springy Journals as you want to post this week!
  • Your last post should have your totals so I can make up your certificates.  
  • include - inches lost, pounds or kilos lost, and minutes exercised if you want.
  • Must be posted by 12:00 am your time March 31.
2. Unlimited TIPS (1pt each)

    All the rest stays the same!
    You still have an oportunity to do a video and join in on Daily Mile! It´s a huge motivator!
3. Video of yourself exercising = 8pts!

4. Start Daily Mile tracking = 3 grand slams! (16 pts)
    If you have signed up for www.dailymile.com , you can post your widget her on this blog! Just let me know by e mail if you want to and I will put it on the side bar, just like mine. :)
    =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =)
    1st Grand Slam - 1 pound lost = 4 points (1/2 Kilo)
    2nd Grand Slam - 1/2 in. or 1 cm lost = 4 points
    3rd Grand Slam - 1 hour of exercise = 4 points
    (only a full hour is worth the 4 pts if you don´t do a full hour then it´s only the normal 1 pt per 20 min. )
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