Thursday, March 25, 2010

Last post

Today is still Sunday and I am not very sure I will be able to have internet again before Wed. So I am going to post my final post with measuremnts. I don´t have the points with me here so I might call Dani to add them up if I don´t get in here until I get home. I am on vacation, away from computers.

Ok, I was wondering if I would be able to finish up this program this time around. For sure I have been able to keep eating the same way, so I think I have change my eating habits for life.

Here are my measurements.

Bust 39 in. NOW: 37
Chest 32.5 in. NOW : 31
Waist 33 in. NOW : 31.5
Hips 39 NOW : 39
R thigh 20.5 in. NOW : 20
L thigh 20.5 in. NOW : 20
R arm 10.5 in. NOW : 10
L arm 10.5 in. NOW : 10


Weight 151 lb. NOW 145.2 LB I´VE LOST 6.2 POUNDS, 2.81 kilos

I hope you all enjoyed this time together here, sure I did.
I am hoping and praying I can keep up this way of eating and moving forever.

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