Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Last Springy Journal of this Challenge

I can't believe this is the last day of the challenge. This has been such a great way to jump-start me on becoming a more fit individual for God's glory!

Once again, I've mostly walked - if you really want to see what I've been doing, just check out my widget on the blog. I actually do post on that regularly.

Now on to the summary of these past 10 weeks:

Since this challenge began...

I have worked out a total of 54 hours and 20 minutes which has allowed me to lose 6 pounds and 35.5 inches.

I was hoping to lose more than 6 pounds, but I'm still happy with the progress I've made. Probably my best thing was I lost lots and lots of inches and went down 1 size. Here's the breakdown of where the inches came from.

Total Loss in each category:
Bust: 5 inches lost
Chest: 4.5 inches lost
Waist: 6 inches lost
Hips: 5 inches lost
Right Thigh: 5.5 inches lost
Left Thigh: 5.5 inches lost
Right Arm: 1.5 inches lost
Left Arm: 1.5 inches lost
Thank you everyone for your encouragement! Thank you Dani Joy for allowing me to join this challenge. And just because this challenge is over doesn't mean getting fit and active is over, keep on keeping on!!! You guys are the greatest!
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