Sunday, March 28, 2010

Running like a Chicken with...

haha... Made ya look!

You thought I was going to say with it´s head cut off. Didn´t ya?

Well, our vacation starts tomorrow with a 5-6 hour drive to a farm in the state of Toledo. 

No, we don´t have to go so far to visit a farm, but we will be attending the first ever Christian Homeschool Retreat here in Spain. (that we know of) We call it CECA. Cristianos Educando en Casa. It will be held at a Farm School for kids. We look forward to the fun and relaxation as well as meeting many other homeschool families. (which is very rare in Spain)

I hope to get in a lot of fun filled exercise with my boys as well as some very great chats with some wonderful homeschooling families.

I will be wearing my heart monitor and recording my workouts. Don´t think I will be able to post on daily mile but, I hope to keep track with my time for estimated miles. I love tracking my miles. It´s so rewarding. ( prob. doing a 10-11 min. mile now)

I will be around to see you all when I get back Wednesday night. I will post my last Springy Journal and the winners when I get back. There may be more than one so stay tuned and stay focused on your goal.

Love ya, all!
Remebering Jesus is the Reason,

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