Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday's post

Hello ladies,
I continue to exercise. Yesterday was really nice and I got to exercise outside, and my youngest son joined me for a while. The video is an old one we did and never posted. I may make more to post, since they are sort of short. Today, we went as a church to a Wok Restaurant--all you can eat healthful food. We chose to walk there; it was 1.2 K there and 1.2 k. back, so we got some exercise in. Tonight I did Jillian's Burn fast, boost metabolism workout. However, it seems as if I am going backwards. I hope it is because I am about to have my period. I weigh up to 1.5kg more this week. I hope to have good news soon, but i'm afraid the springing will be over. Well, we keep on going. Muscle is better than fat, any day. Keep exercising and enjoy the week. It's a very special one. Three years ago my husband went through major surgery and survived. Holy Week (Easter) is a good reminder of God's power over death. To Him be the glory.

I'll write before Wednesday midnight. Bye now.
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