Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Springy Journal - Joy

Good morning to all. Can´t believe another week has passed so quickly. My dh and I have been sick again all week - some kind of a virus that is not letting go. I thought at first it could be allergy related, but now am thinking just a virus. Breathing has been hard, so the exercise all week was at a minimum. But yesterday I was able to go to camp and worked 2 hours in the morning and 2 in the afternoon painting a border on the bottom of a wall - so had a wonderful "squats" workout.

Measured and weighted in today and NO change, except up on the weight, which I´m not too worried about because I feel extremely bloated this a.m. Praying that the virus will soon be past so that I can get back to really "springing" in the weeks we have left.

Food choices were good this past week and I continue to try and add a small amount of "protein" into every meal and snack I eat (goose liver pate, tuna, nuts) which seems to be helping.

Now that Spring is in the air (sun has shined for 3 whole days here in Madrid) I´ve felt a renewed spirit of "springing" so am glad the rains have finally slowed down. Now to get out and walk more and take advantage of this lovely weather (even if the allergies flare up!) : ) Thanking God for His goodness in our lives and for His peace today.

Weight 70.7 - 71.4 kilos
Measurements - all the same

P.S. My b-day is coming up the end of this month and I´m going to do something I´ve never done (drum roll) ...ask my dh to buy me some exercise clothing so I can look good while I am getting this bod into shape. : )
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