Thursday, March 25, 2010

Springy Journal - Joy

Well, today is my birthday...I´ve turned 51 young years!!! As a life long tradition, we eat at my Mom and Dad´s house and she makes home-made strawberry shortcake (so blessed to have been born in March - strawberry season in Spain : ) . I usually have 2 servings with 2 large biscuits in each serving, strawberries and fresh whipped cream.
Well, since this year I am on my fitness journey (for life!!) I decided to cut the biscuits in half and add more strawberries and less whipped cream. So I had 2 servings but only 2 biscuits instead of 4. Delicious, not stuffed and cut back on the calories big time. Yeah for the new birthday tradition I´ve started today.
Tomorrow it will be back to serious fitness as usual.
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