Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Springy Journal - Sarah F.

This week was hard for me. I've been a bit stressed, and it's just that "time" of the month... which doesn't help things. I normally work about 20 hours a week from home. But as you know I've traveled twice in the past month, and then since I've been home I've been working 40 + hours a week - on top of being a mom & wife, I'm also singing & teaching at church, hosting our fellowship group at our house, singing for weddings, and still working out. I think it's all beginning to catch up to me, because I'm tired and it takes every ounce of my energy to make myself workout!

At least the weather has been great! So great that I think I over did it in the "running" department. From Sunday - Wednesday I had ran over 22 miles. Lets just say that my legs are killing me!

I've still been doing my P90X workout as well, and my body's holding steady between 122lbs - 124 lbs. On my heavy lifting days I sometimes see 125, but it goes back down. I want you ladies to know that most woman fluctuate around 3 lbs on a regular basis. We are woman... woman with hormones - and we tend to hold onto water weight more easily. So don't fret!

I'm trying to enjoy my family with this gorgeous weather... I'm actually getting ready to take them to the park up the street. But in the meantime. Here is a picture of me in my favorite chair in the house. This is where I sit, drink my coffee, and read a good book (I'm an avid reader, and it tends to help with my stress level!)

Hope you ladies are having great weeks!

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