Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Daily Journal (8th

It seems I can´t go get to the number I wan to see on the scale, I´m only 400 grams away from it, so my goal will be by the end of the crunch at least to see number 63 kilos on my scale, even if it it 63.9 kg I will be happy. I have been at the same more or less for a few weeks but I keep exercising. I walk at least 5 or 6 days a week and try to get Jillina done 3 or 4 times a week.

The best of all of these is that I feel way better than I have felt for a long time, health wise. I do know now that my food choices are VERY IMPORTANT, but not just because it helps me to lose weight, but because I feel happier not having to deal with pain.

These are my measuments today.

Weight – 142.7 lbs (64.9 kg) - 141.6 lbs (64.4 kg)

Bust: 38 in.
37.5 in. - 37 inc.

Chest: 32 in
31.5 in. same

Waist: 32.5 in
31.5 in. same

Hips: 38.5 in.
37.5 in. same

Right Thigh: 20 in
20 same

Left Thigh: 20 in
20 same

Right Arm: 10.5 in.
10 in. same

Left Arm: 10.5 in.
10 in. same
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