Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dani Joy´s Springy Post for week Seven - #8

OH, I don´t know where to begin!

First, I want to say I have missed you. I have been so busy that I haven´t posted or been doing very much here. Sooooo, I did some spring cleaning too and updated the blog. How do you like it?

Now on to my update.

I have been fluctuating 2-3 pounds for the past few weeks. This week is no exception, but tonight I dedicated to get seriously down below 128 this week.

Yes, I am going to flush myself out. My 2 liters of water are ready to go!

I am going to eat an apple at night or a light salad. I am going to eat smaller portions. This is all in conjunction with my hour work out a day at higher heart rates.

Why am I writing this all out? You ask.

You are my accountability. If I write it here, I must do it!

This past weekend, I had two free days of food due to a wedding, but I didn´t miss a day of the 30 Day Shred (except our scheduled one day off a week.) Nina and I are half way done! I miss my other DVDs, so I am also incorporating them after I shred it. Plus, I still am trying to jog on some of the days.

How are you all doing?

As you see above, your Springy Journal this week is a big 4 POINTS.

Don´t forget to post. We want to hear all about your journey. It´s as important to us as it is to you, even if you aren´t keeping track of points.

Taking care of these temples is a command too.

God Bless you as you Spring into Shape with us,

Dani Joy
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