Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Roman Holiday

Hey ladies! Greetings from Rome :o)

I must say, this is one fabulous city although we've not seen much of it as it's been pouring with rain alot. We're staying with Jon & Becky Liles, a missionary family and having a great time despite the weather. This is the first time we've visited them and I'm hoping it won't be the last. Wonderful, wonderful family.

Anyhow, not getting much exercise unfortunately and my eating choices are restricted but I'm doing well. Adding extra salad and there's a BIG bowl of fruit on the table to nibble at whenever.

I haven't blogged my measurements yet as I haven't been able to find my tape measure since the move and Thursday was a holiday in Germany so no shops were open. That's the first thing on my list for Tuesday!!!

Anyway I did want to show you all the lovely ice-cream that's available all over. Yesterday after a church kids event Mr H and I offered to buy everyone ice-cream and this was just the choice in the nearest store!!!!!

You have to be proud of my self-restraint. I only had a taster, one teaspoon full!!!!

Keep sweatin' girls!

Kathy <>
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