Saturday, May 15, 2010

So a little about me...I would say that other than when I was under the age of 9, I've always struggled with my weight. To stay even close to the size of my peers, I had to work-out and diet all the time. For years, it really wasn't that challenging. I played sports all through high school and some in college. During college, my me time was walking around the dorms with friends and talking - so it was relatively easy then as well (not to mention the food at the dining common wasn't that great, so I ate salads all the time). Then, life started getting busier.

I would say there were many factors to my current size. The main one being lack of time and probably to be totally honest, lack of will power too. Since I've constantly had to watch what I eat and work out all the time to stay not even skinny, but just to maintain a decent weight/size I really lost the motivation to even try any more. That combined with working full-time and just having little to no time to make good, nutritious meals.

Those last two paragraphs was how I introduced myself last time. I have a little bit to add now, since about half-way through the last challenge I became pregnant! So, I am entering this challenge not really to lose weight or even inches, but just to stay healthy. Going into this challenge I'm 12 weeks pregnant - already getting a small baby bump - and have just been given the okay by my doctor to resume working out activities!

Simply put my goal: stay healthy and gain only a healthy amount during this pregnancy. I'll mostly be walking, though I'll probably do some strength training so that I'm ready to haul everything around after the baby is born. As far as eating goes, I'm going to try to maintain what I've been doing which is to eat lots of fruit and veggies (meats just haven't been appealing to me lately) and drink tons of water (which is about the only thing that doesn't leave a weird taste in my mouth).

Per Dani Joy's request, I'll try to post some of my growing pregnancy pictures along the way. Pictures will come at a later date since our camera has been borrowed until the end of the month.
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