Thursday, June 10, 2010

Journal - June 10th

Hello Friends!

I must admit that I was nervous to weigh in this week. I know I haven't been that disciplined in what I've been eating or drinking - it's been way too crazy around here. Fortunately, school is OUT!!! and baseball is almost over!

Sleep - mostly a bust, my husband has been staying up cramming for finals until 11 and it has thrown off my "groove"
Calories - I printed a spreadsheet to keep on the fridge, unfortunately it is still on the printer
Beverages - I've been averaging too many pepsi's and not enough water
Exercise - my only saving grace ... we were out 4 nights! for a total of 5 miles

Weight -1.4 lbs
Bust - same
Chest -.75
Waist -1.75
Hips +.25
R Arm -.5
L Arm -.25
R Thigh - same
L Thigh -.25
Total : -3.25 inches!

So, it was a suprising finish to the week for me! I hope everyone is doing well and being suprised this week also!
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