Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Update

Wish I could count this as a free day but since I didn't see that option in the rules for Nix the Fix, I will fess up and take my deductions.

It is Sunday and I am not feeling good (coming down with a nasty cold) so I didn't do much today but go to church and rest.

Food Never seem to make time to eat breakfast at home on Sundays. When I was buying donuts at the bakery for my husband's SS class, I got a "trenza" for myself for breakfast. It is a braided roll with sugar on top. -2

Lunch I did get some meat in the crockpot before I left for church. Microwave baked some red skin potatoes and made peas to go with it. Picked the smallest potatoes for me and went very light on the butter. Skipped the sour cream. +3

Snack while walking to the car from church banana +1

Dinner Had peanut butter sandwich made with small slices of whole wheat bread +1

Evening snack my hubby and daughter made frosted brownies. I had managed to resist snacking on candy and chocolate earlier in the day when the family was raiding the stash but decided the warm brownies were worth the penalty. -2

snack I don't drink enough milk normally but I had a glass of lowfat milk tonight +1

I thought about starting the next week of C25K but ended up just staying on the couch all afternoon/evening. I hope I am able to breath better tomorrow and plan to do it first thing in the morning. I need the points and I need the activity.

Total for the day: +2
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