Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday's Nix the Fix update

I am glad for the awareness of what I am eating that this week has given me but I am glad that today was the last day to be counting points and dealing with the immediate "punishment" for little slips of "forbidden foods".

Exercise: 70 minutes of exercise. C25K jog/walk and then I walked to the area of town where the bulls were going to run through the streets on the way to the bullring. I took some video then followed the crowd into the bullring to take some more pictures of the crazy people taunting the bulls and then running. I just shake my head at all of it. Then I walked home the round about way. +2

Breakfast poached eggs on whole wheat toast. Juice +3
Snack before exercising whole wheat toast +1
Lunch: lean meat hamburgers on whole wheat, no chips (aren't you proud of me?) watermelon +3
Dinner: homemade pizza with ham and pineapple, water, diet soda 0
Snacks: Watermelon, raisins +2

post +1

Total +12

I uploaded the following video of the people running with the bulls to my facebook right after I had posted my workout from the C25K program. My brother made me laugh when he commented "I see your workout didn't include 90 seconds of running with the bulls."

To see my facebook photo album of the bulls click on this link
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