Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So This is the End ...

... of our five week journey. =(
The Christmas Crunch starts soon!
Well, I've learned the most the last 2 weeks. It's about the little changes and making them fit. I'm assuming eventually the big changes will be visible. =)
Weight: this week I lost 1 pound which makes a total of -0.6 (because of the addition the week before)
Bust: no change, Chest: -0.25, Waist: -2.5!, Hips: -2!, Arms: no change, R Thigh: -1.25, L Thigh: -0.25 Total: 6.25 inches!
Since I started last October ...
Weight: -4.2, Bust: -4.25, Chest: -3.75, Waist: -9, Hips: -7.5, R Arm: -1.25, L Arm: -1.25, R Thigh: -2.25, L Thigh: -3.5
Very exciting! Can't wait to see where I'll be next October! I'll "see" you ladies soon when the Christmas Crunch starts again!
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