Monday, October 11, 2010

By Way Of Introduction.

Howdy from the Texas Hill Country. I am humbled to call myself the daughter of the King of Kings...what follows is all by God's grace. I'm an 18 year old girl named Genevieve and my favorite part of "me" right now is being a daughter at home, with two brothers and three sisters. The other aspects of my life dim in comparison. My average day is spent cooking, cleaning, helping my mother homeschool my younger siblings and trying to keep up with my own studies. When I can, I try to through some sleep into the mix too. My mother (Annie) and I were a part of the last 2 fitness challenges, Spring Into Shape, and Sweat Off The Fat. We will be doing this one together also!

I'm excited that I know several of you ladies already and I look forward to meeting others as we seek to honor the Lord with our bodies. I Met Danni Joy at church in El Paso, Texas when I was (???), quite young anyway. She has been such a dear friend and a great encouragement to me.

Moving on..brace yourselves cause here comes my basic fitness history. When I was 13 I thought I needed to lose weight so I changed the way I ate and cut out most starches and sweets. I felt great from not eating all the junk food but after a few months I got too small and had low energy from not eating enough. My parents counseled my so I started eating a lot more good foods to get my weight back up. It took 3 years to reach my start weight of 115 (I'm 5'7"). The problem is, my body has gotten used to gaining ( I haven't been as diligent as should be either) so I need to reverse that cycle. I'm somewhat afraid to; afraid that I'll get to thin again. The Lord has been gracious and has helped me change my body image. I no longer want to be the super skinny girl that is popularized now a days. I want to be a healthy weight.
^ This is at a summer bible club I did last year. I'm about the same weight now as the picture.

I'm working on cutting out the snacking-all-day-habit, and instead eating 3 square measured (I've been using this site meals a day while sitting down with my family. This is a big step for me (but I've done it successfully for the past 2 days!).
^Mom, little sister and I boating.
I also need to get more consistent with my exercise regimen, instead of 1 hours one day and none the next. We've gotten a mini re-bounder since SOF which is so nice. Last week Mom and I increased our 2 mile morning walk to 3 miles. I am looking forward to starting this challenge tomorrow. I do so much better with the accountability.

Blessings in Christ,
Gen <><

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