Monday, November 15, 2010


Can you believe it? We're halfway through the Christmas Crunch!

I have to say I haven't been keeping track of my points...and have lost count. But I do want to share some good news. Since the Christmas Crunch began 5 weeks ago, I have lost 3 pounds and 2 inches off my waistline! My neighbor said to me the other day, "You look great!"

It has been a rough week for me since I had some knee pain from running 10 miles last Sunday the 10th. So, I didn't do any excercise for most of the week. I did go running today and all is well. I am looking forward to running my 2nd half marathon, the Seattle Half coming up on the 28th.

Things that have been helping me these past 5 weeks:

1. Making sure to drink water

2. Being more conscious of what I eat and if I do eat junk food (I make sure it is just 1 serving size and not the whole bag :)

3. Jillian Videos are the BOMB! Thanks to previous posts....I bought all 3 dvds. The one I've done the most is "No More Trouble Zones!"

4. Big one for for my upcoming half marathon!

Week 6 is coming up soon! Hang in there..say "I can do this!"

Make it a great week!
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