Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday check-in

Another rainy day here in Madrid. We did a bit of extra walking today after church as we went a few blocks out of our way to go to an outdoor market where we had seen a booth the other day selling really nice cookware. Our Calphalon pans are starting to lose their nonstick finish and we're not real keen on having that added to our food that we eat so we are on the lookout to replace some of our pans. Thanks to a generous gift that came this month from some friends, we got 2 nice 32cm pans with large dome lids. One is a traditional frying pan and the other is much deeper and instead of one wooden long handle it has two metal handles(one on each side) so it can also go in the oven to be used as a casserole or roasting pan. We used the pans already and the nonstick aspect of them (which is not a coating so it won't flake off in the future) worked fantastic. I will be adjusting my recipes to remove most of the oil and fat I presently use as it isn't going to be needed. Healthier meals are on the horizon...
Since we got home much later than normal we tweaked the menu to be a faster meal but that meant carbs. :-( We heated up frozen meatballs from Ikea in tomato sauce and had meatball subs with chips. The kids talked me into trying to make the caramel sauce that the lady in the booth had demonstrated (really just burnt sugar) to put on some granny smith apples I had but in the end I don't think anyone really liked it that much. I ate several slices of apples without the sugar coating. However, my biggest slip up was after the kids went to bed and Tim and I took advantage of the last day to get a free movie rental with our new cable TV and my hubby made a HUGE bowl of buttered popcorn for us to eat while we watched. I had WAY too much!
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