Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Missed a few weeks

I have missed a few weeks of posting, and I still have not posted my measurements :( I did measure last week, so I'll be sure to post those; but I think they are about the same as when I finished the challenge last time.
This week I have been eating very freely, so I skipped week 6 (sorry, Danielle :()
Tonight, I was trying to finish up the potato soup and pumpkin soup (this is actually a great soup without sugar or fat added), and then I felt so tired that I did not exercise (PMS).
BUT, I promise to begin tomorrow really strong with week 7. See if I can keep up with the point system. I have been exercising. I have been doing Jillians' Burn Fat Boost metabolism (that is an hour (56 min., adding the exercise at school). I like that video, to not have to use weights every one in a while. I'm not running, since it gets dark so early these days.
Tomorrow it's Thanksgiving, and all the way here in Spain we will celebrate as a family. I made a sugar free pumpkin pie, and will make some turkey, mashed potatoes, broccoli and corn. We are going horse-back riding after school, if it doesn't rain, and we will come home for our special dinner.
I hope you all have a great time celebrating. I thank God for all the things He's given us, and for the FOOD. ;)

Happy Thanksgiving!
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