Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Negative points!!! and Seveth Inning Stretch!!!

Just really quick, I wanted to write to let  you all know about the up coming week 7. But first can I just say....


I am so not doing well on the Nix the Fix! (the first time it hasn´t worked well for me) The last two days I would eat great all day and then we would have a special dinner or the left overs from that dinner. Stuffing is definately not a healthy food! Nor pumpkin pie! So, I ended up -1 point each day. Even with my exercising. :( but I did drop one of the gained pounds due to a light supper last night.

Well, I am not giving up for sure. One more day to get 12 bonus points. I commit getting them.

Now for the upcoming week 7- SEVENTH INNING STRETCH, ladies.

In Baseball you get a Grand Slam, you get 4 points. right?

1 hr of exercise= 3pts plus the 4 grand slam points = 7 total per day
1 pound = 5 pts plus the 4 GS = 9 total per pound lost
1 in = 2pts plus 4 GS points = 6 total per inch
Posting = 4 points per post.  4 total all week= a total of 16 for posting 

Let´s see how this goes in Week 7 and we may extend the points to the end.

Crunching it out through the end! It´s the Seventh inning Stretch!

Dani Joy
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