Thursday, November 11, 2010

Plan B

The other day I came home from church and was determined to get my workout in and get some points for this challenge. My husband was supportive and even was the one to bring up the idea, saying he would feed the kids and get them ready for bed while I went running. It was dark so I checked with him to see what route he thought would be safe and he suggested just making several laps around our immediate neighborhood (like a big cul-de-sac). I changed into my workout clothes and went to put my sneakers on and I could not find them anywhere. I was so frustrated, but I was not to be deterred. So I went to plan B and fired up the wii, put the wii fit plus disc in and proceeded to workout (hula hoop, rhythm boxing, marching, step aerobics, etc) for an hour. That frustrating loss of the shoes could have derailed me if I had not already had a secondary plan for working out.
You may be like me and prefer to do your walk outside or get your run in at the local park. Maybe you have a workout you like to do at the gym, or you meet up with friends to get your exercise in together. But what do you do when your kid is sick and you have to stay home with them, your car won't run to get you to the gym, your friends stand you up, or you can't find your tennis shoes? Have a plan B. If you don't have any exercise videos you may want to pick one up at a second hand shop or go online and find free workout videos that you can do. The wii fit plus is a great program and allows you to customize your workout for the amount of time you decide to spend on aerobics, balance and strength training. And you don't need to find your shoes in order to do the wii.
What is your preferred workout? What is your plan B?
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