Tuesday, November 30, 2010

test run of pictures blog

Hi ladies. I am trying to learn how to add a picture to my blog. Thank you to Alice for her help.

This is a picture of myself and my sister (Madridmom) last March taken at sunrise along the Med. Sea in Spain. God blessed be abundantly by giving me this trip from New England to visit Alice and her family for two weeks.

In August our son was married. As I was shopping for dresses last summer, I was so thankful that my daughter and I had worked hard last winter to lose some weight. He didn't get engaged until April, so that would have been hard to do it then.

This challenge has been a great encouragement to me. It is helping me to maintain my previous weight loss. Thank you to my sister for inviting me and to Dani for all your hard work. I have been able to exercise an hour/day for quite a few days. This has been great! I have been feeling much better these last few months than I have in years. Thank you!!

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