Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Using Goals, Challenges & Competition as motivators

I have to admit it: I do not have a lot of inner motivation to workout. I am a couch potato by nature. I am not very athletic and don't particularly like being active. I'd choose to curl up with a good book or surfing the web any day. That being said, I know I NEED to be active and so I have joined this challenge because the feeling of community and fellowship here helps motivate me. But, let's fess up --- the competitive nature in me kicks in and I am motivated by the silliest thing -- getting a point or two (or more). I have set realistic goals and know that since I am not earning any points for losing weight this time around (my big weight loss happened last year) I know I am no where near in the running for any prizes. BUT, I can set personal challenges of a certain number of hours exercising or x amount of miles walked during the challenge. Today I worked out on the wii fit plus and got my personal best score in a couple of games. I will throw the scores out there as a challenge to anyone who works out with the wii fit plus to see if you can beat my score. Maybe even that silly challenge will help motivate you if you are lacking the inner umph to get off the couch today.
Today's wii fit plus scores to beat:
Advanced Step 640
Advanced Hoola Hoop 6 minute (3 minutes each direction) L 991 spins, R 968 spins Total 1959 spins
Advanced Rhytm Parade 1316
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