Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wk 6 - NIX the FIX!

Ladies, We are at the half way point. Many of you, started blogging again or even for the first time, you are excercising more regularly, and eating right, but we are going to stretch you even more. We are going to NIX the FIX, the sugar fix!

Here are your bonus points for week 6:
For every good food choice you make = 1 point
(total of 3 points per meal) 

3 sugar free/ natural/ healthy snacks are permited for 1 more point.
Total of 12 points per day!

However, one bad food choice (even just a bite or lick) = negative 5 points.
Fried foods and white flour breads /
pastas/ pastries, ect.  are negative points.
expceptions - If you do not have any other option (mission fields) white pasta is allowed, but you may not get extra points for it.

Good food choices may include;
Fruits, Veggies, whole wheat (no sugar added), corn flour, all natural products, baked, sugar free, low fat dairy and lean meats.
***Drinks are free if they are sugar free.
Cokes and sodas are negative 5 as well. ***

Bad food choices: anything with white sugar, white flour, or fried.

Have fun with it! Use this week to lose some extra lbs and add up those points.
Crunchin´for God´s Glory,
Dani Joy
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