Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Still Crunchin???


Seeing a lot of results???

NO! not really, but then the holiday season has started for us already. It's like a celebration every supper now. I am hovering at 125 still, but feel like I would have really gained a lot more if it hadn't been for our challenge.

Still crunchin???

YES, you better believe it! I am still trying to burn 2000 calories a week in my workouts and eat healthily. I pray that while we travel to the east coast, I can still workout in the car and hotels. Ladies, please pray for me and my family as we leave CA to head to FL Sunday. It will be a full week of traveling. Lord willing, we will be at my Mom and Dad's Saturday! I am soooo looking forward to being with my family.

My mom has lost almost 70 lbs! She would have blown us all out of the water. She joined sthe QUICK LOss clinic a few months ago and has been doing great! I prayed for her and God is answering my prayers directly. SHe is living testimony that it can be done. Here in the States it,s so much harder to eat right and I understand more why people are so much heavier here. It is possible though and we need to keep on our fitness journey for life!

Well, I gotta big rest of the week ahead of me but, I will try to post more soon.

Keep on with the 7 inning stretch points. 4 extra points for every post (16 total), 4 extra points for every pound lost. 4 extra points for every hour of exercise, 4 extra points for every inch lost!

Congrats to all those who have made it up over 200 points!!! YOu are doing fabulous! For those of you who are working hard but not posting your points, You are doing awesome too. :)

Good night and dream of a skinny you,
Love in Christ,
Dani Joy
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