Monday, December 6, 2010

vacation activity

Our family is on a little vacation in southern Spain this week. The kids had Monday thru Wed. (6th to the 8th) off so we got a week in a time share. We won't be able to use the last two days which is too bad since this place is very nice. Great pool -- I swam the first two nights with the little kids, and an awesome fitness center open 24 hours a day. Both Tim and I spent an hour there on the treadmill and bikes this morning. Add the walking I am doing while sightseeing and I am working off some of the junk food calories I am taking in on this break. It is a bit unnerving not having a scale to weigh in on daily as that has become a real habit of mine now. I am confident that I am doing OK since I am wearing my skinny jeans today and they are quite comfortable. Ü
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