Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Thanks for the Challenge! More work ahead . . .

I started out doing very well with exercise, posts and watching what I ate. Then the company came and the holidays took over. However, I did lose some, though not enough, so I am planning to enter "Gymnuary" as my niece put it as soon as New Years is over. Here are my results:

pounds lost: -3
inches lost: -11
posts: 16 pts
exercise: 53 pts
Total points: 106

I didn't keep track of bonus points and couldn't find the info on 7th inning stretch, so I hope these are accurate.

I really enjoyed the challenge, though I got off track after the first two weeks. I will continue on my own, and hope there is less of me when I see Alice in February. I have enjoyed "meeting" new friends. Thank you for allowing me to participate. Here is a picture of me on Christmas. Happy New Year to everyone !
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