Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Final Post with measurements

This picture is me stirring the hot chocolate that was made for the kids' Christmas program at the elementary school. I had a similar shot taken last year. You can see it here.

I had fun this challenge even though I did not end up with any points for weight loss or loss of inches. My end measurements were slightly down in some and slightly up in others which could just be how I measured. Not enough to make a real difference. And wouldn't you know it the day after the challenge ended my weight went down a full pound and a half! Maybe after the holidays are done I can finally get serious and lose that last 5 pounds again and keep it off this time.

Starting Measurements Ending Measurements difference
weight: 134 lbs. weight: 133.6 lbs -0.4 lbs
Bust: 36". 91.75 cm Bust: 35.5" 90.5 cm. -0.5 " -1.25 cm
Chest: 33". 84.25 cm Chest: 33" 84.25 cm 0
Waist: 33". 84.25 cm Waist: 32.5" 83cm -0.5" -1.25 cm
Hips: 39.5". 100.25 cm Hips: 40" 102 cm. +0.5" +1.75 cm
R thigh: 22". 56.5 cm R. Leg: 22.5 " 57.5 cm +0.5 " +1 cm
L thigh: 22.5". 57.5 cm L Leg: 22.5" 57.5cm 0
R arm: 11.5". 29.5 cm R Arm: 11.5" 29.5cm 0
L arm: 11". 28 cm L Arm: 11" 28 cm 0

Total Exercise Time 43 hours 40 min 131 pts.
Total points 333 points
Total blog posts 45 individual posts, (altho some earned more points because they included tips as well as journal info.)

Here I am in the new exercise clothes my husband bought me for Christmas. After taking this picture I decided the shirt was a little too small and ended up exchanging it for the next size up which still looks good but is a bit more comfortable and modest. Unfortunately they were all out of that fun hot pink color and I had to settle for white. But it looks good and feels good so I'm OK with that.
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