Thursday, December 30, 2010

Amy Byron´s Final Post

Thank you Dani and Alice for inviting me to join the fitness challenge. I am so glad that I joined. I have enjoyed getting to meet some of the other ladies, as well as reading their posts. It helps me to feel like my sister isn't quite so far away to keep up with her posts! I wasn't prepared for how busy life was going to get these past few weeks in Dec.! It seems like everyone else was quite busy too, since not too many of posted during those weeks. This has been a good learning experience for me with the blogging too. I am feeling a little more comfortable with it.

I am posting a final picture which was taken in our home just a couple days after the challenge ended. I didn't lose any weight during this challenge, but I was glad to maintain. I started at 137 which was actually a very low number for me this fall. During the challenge, my weight actually varied and even got as high as 141. On my last day of the challenge I was 138. I was happy with this.
Since my weight didn't change much, I wasn't too good at taking my measurements very often. However i did take them at the beginning, and will post my ending ones too. I have not been able to post points to my ticker lately, but I think that my final points were about 170.

One of the most beneficial things for me has been the encouragement to exercise more. I feel that it is more a part of my lifestyle now, and will strive to keep walking, going to the gym, etc. I am looking forward to life returning to more normal after this next week, and I will once again try to exercise 3 to 5 times a week.

Here are my ending measurements. The first listed will be now, then for comparison the Oct. measurements, and just for fun where I was at almost 1 year ago when I first started this fitness adventure.

weight 138 137 148

bust 34 35 38.5

chest 30 31

waist 31 31.5 33

hips 42.5 43 44.5

Rt.thigh 23 24

L.thigh 24.5 25

Rt.Arm 10.5 11

L.Arm 10.5 11

I am finding this very interesting, that although I didn't lose any weight, I was able to tone up and change my measurements somewhat.This had to be the result of the exercise that I did. I hadn't really realized that until right this minute as I was typing. :-) It's also neat for me to see the changes over the last year as I compare to last January.

I look forward to another challenge with you ladies in the future. May you all have a wonderful New Year as we serve God around the world. May we all see many souls saved during the coming year.
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