Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Gen's Spring Introduction

Howdy from the Texas Hill Country. My name is Genevieve, I'm 18 years old and I am humbled to call myself the daughter of the King of Kings. I Have been apart of this fitness blog since last years Spring Into Shape. I look forward to starting this one tomorrow with you.

Following Jordan Rubin’s Makers Diet phase 3 I have lost and kept off 10 pounds since November 2010. Which is the Lords grace on me. Last week I was feeling very discouraged about my lack of progress, when a friends of ours asked if I had been losing weight. That was such an encouragement and it was just what I needed to keep going. Even though I was not able to keep up with the blog last time due to internet trouble, it was a great help; I hope it will be an helpful for you as well. This time around I am going to continue to follow The Makers Diet but I'm going to go back onto phase 1 until I reach my goal weight of 120. Then I plan to slowly add back the higher carbohydrate foods. I am also making it a goal to exercise a minimum of 1 hour every day (except on The Lords Day).
This is my family and I (in the blue top) at the end of last November.

I'm still working on cutting out the snacking-all-day-habit, and instead eating 3 square, carefully measured meals. I've been using this site to cound calories and carbs
Mommy and I are looking forward to starting this challenge. I know I do so much better with the accountability.

Gen <><
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