Tuesday, February 15, 2011

?? worldly stuff in exercise dvd & loving my body

I have a question..or rather a few.
My first one is about the music used in exercise videos, etc. I am trying not to listen to the world's music, but many of the videos play dance music to keep the pace upbeat. Are there Christian DVD's out there?
Yoga - I have heard it is great for stretching, toning, and balance, but all of the people I have seen on tv are doing the whole yoga package with the "namaste" and stuff. Is there an equivalent without the mumbo-jumbo attached? I read on review on CBD about a dvd of "christian yoga" and it said it was horrible.
Lastly, I am really struggling with the line between loving the way God made me (curvy, 5'3 3/4" and stocky even when really fit) and needing to exercise and eat right. I do not like the way I look or feel right now, but I know I am fearfully and wonderfully made. My loving hubby says he loves me the way I am, but I know he loved the more fit me when we were married too. and I have a hard time reconciling my brain/heart with both. Once I start becoming fit, how do I know when this is good, God says maintain here so that my exercise and fitness doesn't become an idol (although this is a long way away for me).
As I am writing, I can see how so much of my fitness or lack of it is tied to the emotional part of me. Oigh!
Anyway, thank you for listening...
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