Monday, February 21, 2011

Motivating Monday

Morning Ladies!

Normally I’m like this little cat here but today I woke up with quite alot of energy so decided to use it. Got some cleaning done and 20mins exercise before jumping in the shower. I’ve worked out a little routine for myself using a 14 min Leslie Sanone video.

1 minute stretching, 14 mins walking workout, 5 mins on the stationary bike.

I normally exercise in the afternoon so I plan to do this again later. Double points today :o)

Unfortunately it’s back down in the minus temperatures outside again otherwise I’d be off outside for a walk. I know doing the same routine all the time gets boring but I’ll manage for a day or two. Anyhow Leslie has quite a few different workout posted on Youtube so I may even try a harder one tomorrow.

I have a request of you all. Whilst we’re all reducing the amount we eat because we have too much, there are those who don’t have enough. Here’s a link where you can help at no cost.

1 click every day (per IP address) takes about 5 seconds and provides 1 cup of food to someone in need.

Keep on Springing


Kathy <><

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