Monday, February 28, 2011

Ruth H. SIIS, Journal 2

Just popping in to say that I will me MIA around here for a couple of weeks. It is for a fun reason. I get to fly back to the States to be in my younger sister's wedding, so I am really excited about that. Gonna have to watch out for Momma's home cooking though, can't overindulge!

Last week was not a case of putting my best face forward :( We were battling the full-blown flu around here and I was down for the count for four days straight; no exercise, no eating much of anything, just a lot of laying in bed thinking of everything on my to do list.

I am not going to weigh in this week. I suspect I am down a few pounds from the sickness, but I am not counting those. Will check back in when I return in two weeks if I am not able to log on during my time away.
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