Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sharla´s Introduction

My name is Sharla Gutierrez Clapp. I have been a missionary in Spain since 1982. I have 3 beautiful children, Lorena 26, Cristofer 24 and Nicolas 16. I also have a beautiful 2 year old grandson named Isaac. I also have a wonderful and caring husband.

We have worked in several places here in Spain over the years and now we are starting a church in Talavera de la Reina, Lord willing, where we have lived for many years.

Yesterday I turned 50 years old. I do have mixed feelings about that, but as they say"Life startes at 50" and in my case it might just be so:)

For the last 20 years or more I have stayed faithfully on a fitness program. I have never been on a diet in my life and my habits have been to eat my foods in thier simple form and exercise 5 days a week and no more than 1hour to an hour and a half. To keep myself going I always joined an exercise class with other ladies. I did this for several reasons: To keep myself free of stress, stay fit, keep a clear mind, have lots of energy for my daily activities, and get to know others. This gave me the opportunity to make friends and share my faith on a weekly basis.

As the years have gone by, I have done 3 days a week an aerobic program, 3 days a week a weight lifting program and 3 days a week Yoga or Pilates. In the last 2 yearsI have been doing swimming which is good for the joints and Pilates which helps you to stay flexible. I thank the Lord that I can still do a lot at my age.

I suffered 16 years of endometriosis and exercise and healthy eating was the best way to beat the pain, bloating etc. After I had my hysterectomy 6 years ago I also added to my fitness plan rebounding which gave me instant energy. This was suggested to my by Anita Beiles and I keep doing it when I can. Thanks Anita!!

I wanted to join Dani Joy's fitness plan to get me booted back into exercising at a regular pace. You will find that as you get older, your metabolism slowes way down and you move slower. But, my doctor told me that that is when you have to keep moving.

Most of you ladies are so much younger than I am, so I want to encourage you to keep up your exercise programs while you are still young because you will be much healthier as you get older, and it also helps you stay fit longer. If I can be of help to any of you in any way on how to stay fit past 50, ha, ha, just send me a note.


Sharla sent this to me (Dani Joy) so I could post it for her. She still receives her 10 pt bonus. ;)
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