Monday, February 28, 2011

Sharla´s S2SII Journal 2

Hi ladies,
Hope you had an encouraging and restful Lord's day! 
This week I just started a little late, but enjoying the results of just 5 days of regular exercise.  I am already feeling better! yay!  I have started out slow as I haven't been on a regular exercise program since our move in August.  I have done jogging on my running track, stretching, some upper body work with weights and walking.   
We had two birthdays this week, and I am very proud to say that I only had one piece of my birthday cake.  I have a real problem with sugar as I have a sweet tooth.  Then yesterday we had a celebration for my son Nicki.  We had 6 youth here and it was a lot of fun to watch and see them having a great time together. 
I would really appreciate your prayers ladies for my son Nicki tomorrow as he will be having his 10th operation for cleft palate and hopefully his last one.  Pray that the surgeon will have wisdom and that there will be no infecction afterwards and we can be home by Wed.  Thanks!
This also means that I will be in the uncomfortable hospital chairs for 3 days, Aurgh!!!  When Lucho relieves me, I am going to try going for a brisk walk in the fresh smog of Madrid, ha,ha!  I don't know which I prefer -  the smog of the city or the allergies of the country?!
Many blessings to all,
Sharla G.  
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