Saturday, February 26, 2011

Very Productive Saturday

Hi everyone! I'm feeling great today. I got so much accomplished and I feel very strong. I had to do some yard work today. I couldn't avoid looking out my window anymore. My yard was filled with rotten lemons and oranges that it was an embarrassment. Tucson had a hard freeze which ruined the fruits. I'm hoping the trees will survive. They really look terrible. I'm hosting a cubscout den meeting tomorrow and I know the boys are going to want to play outside. So I thought I better get moving.

Anyways, all the workouts have been paying off. The job I used to really struggle with was raking. It usually caused my arms and back to burn, but it didn't this time. I even had to bend down to pick up the lemons and oranges which is usually a killer on the back, nope, not this time. I was tired, but not sore. I could feel the strain in my wrists but that's about it.

Later, this afternoon, I decided that since my son was out with a friend I would do the DVD, "No More Trouble Zones," it felt good to get 2 workouts done in one day.

I am just so excited, and Praise the Lord that He is making me stronger. I am so looking forward to the worship service tomorrow and all that the Lord has in store. I will be taking my day off and I will be glad in it.

I pray that everyone has a very blessed Lord's Day.
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