Saturday, February 26, 2011

woo hoo

Yeah I still haven't taken my measurements :( BUT I have weighed in I've lost 4lbs! thats 20 points I'm so pumped He is giving me strength I didn't know I had I used the extra at the gym today it felt great!!!I do need to work on my caffiene consumption though today just to get going I had two energy drinks (no sugar 10 calories) not good but it was a sign that I need to work on that... anyway after a great workout and a hot shower I lost four pounds I still can't believe it! The lord gave me tremendous strength even when I had bad food choices (the hospital cafeteria) I kept it to smaller portions like we shared a small fries instead of getting 2 orders... Over all it has been a good start to the new week! Keep sweating and praying ladies
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