Tuesday, March 8, 2011

AWOL in Lithuania

So I back from our little trip into the wilds of Eastern Europe LOL hope I don't lose points for going awol.

Mr H and I flew to Lithuania to spend some time with our church missionaries there and quite an adventure it was too I can tell you. Among other things we met a man who had been one of the clean-up workers at Chernobyl. The Russians just came in to town and collected the men, taking them off to Chernobyl, you had no choice. Well you could refuse but you would be taken anyway, just further east to a Siberian gulag!!!

This tiny church of approx. 20 people is less than 4 years old and although they are laboring away in a land with the communist legacy, starvation level wages, massive alcohol abuse and occult practices they are already mission orientated. Being a mission plant they took the step of faith last year to support other missionaries. How fabulous it that!

Even though it was March, winter still has a firm grip. We were bundled up under layers of clothes to cope with the temperatures of -7°C to -2°C God was really looking after me because, as you know I don’t cope with the cold, and only 2 days before our arrival it was -21°C . Honestly, I have no idea how Tami copes.

I hadn’t been able to do much exercise in the week running up to our trip as I fell and also came down with a cold, thankfully that cleared up but of course when you’re in someone else’s house food choices and exercise opportunities are limited. With food prices only 20% lower than Germany yet the average wage is less than 1/5 carbohydrates are the big plate filler. And of course nothing is wasted, day old bread is deep fried and sprinkled with cheese and garlic as a snack. It tastes great but the calories, oy oy oy!

We did manage an hour walk on Saturday plus about 2 hours bowling on Sunday and I can’t forget playing with the kiddies, that’s really tiring – phew!

But now I need to knuckle down and get back into my routine, Looking a the pointers I’ve got some catching up to do hee hee.


Kathy <><

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