Sunday, March 6, 2011

consistency what I seem to be lacking this week. Wednesday I got an hour of workout in. Thursday and Friday were a bust as other things just filled up my time. Saturday I was attacking some much needed jobs around the house and got some extra sleep in that my body was craving. Ended up only getting 20 minutes in. Today I just did 20 minutes as I decided to forego the metro (3 stops) and walk from church to the train station instead. (My two little ones and I had to take the public transportation to church as my husband and 2 teens had the car on a teen overnight trip). So, only 2 days left of the week and we'll see if I can some more exercise in.
Food has also been up and down. Friday night we were out as a family at the mall and ended up trying out a new restaurant. It was a splurge and quite an experience. It was a Brazilian buffet but instead of you going up to a big buffet table to serve yourself, the waiters brought everything to you at your table. First they brought the "accompaniments" -- a bowl of salad, a bowl of white rice, a bowl of beans (like kidney beans or baked beans but with a very distinctive flavor --- actually very delicious), and a platter of french fries with a small fried banana. I loved the salad, (don't know what the dressing was but it was very good), had a small portion of rice with the beans on top. I passed on the french fries and tried just a bite of the banana. Then the waiters came out with 2 different kinds of meat that was rotisserie cooked on long skewers. The first two meats were a sausage link and a small chicken drumstick. then they came out with various kinds of steak, chicken wrapped in bacon, ham, roast beef, etc. They kept coming and coming --- I lost count but there were somewhere between 16 and 18 different kinds of meat. I have to admit that I pigged out --- but at least I wasn't pigging out on carbs. :-)

Saturday morning when I weighed after sleeping in late I was actually down a pound or so but I was back up this morning to where I have been all along. So I guess that my weight is the only consistent thing about my week. Hoping to change that this coming week.
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