Sunday, March 6, 2011

Eventful Weekend

This has been quite the eventful weekend for me.  I have to say that I worked out more this week than any other week ever in my entire life!  I was motivated by those of you who are getting in a full hour a!  I find that amazing.  I guess my life is too hectic...I find it very difficult to get more than 40 minutes.  But this week, I determined to work at getting in an hour.  Which I did-except for Friday as I was running a race on Saturday and knew I needed to take the day off.
Anyway, I ran a total of 5 miles on all time high.  I took it easy, and jogged a fairly slow jog and finished in 65 minutes.  I was pleased.  My goal had been endurance.  I was pleased that I had been able to keep up a jog for that long.  Again, I have to praise the Lord because just a year ago I couldn't even walk 1 mile.  God is truly good.
Saturday dawned a VERY wet, wet day.  I have never run in the rain, and I was not looking forward to it!  The race was rough...I have never gotten sore running, but I was sore very shortly after the start.  I think it must have been the cold/rain because that has never happened to me before.  I even had to stop and stretch 1/2 way through because I feared cramping.  Regardless, I managed to pull out my best time by 12 seconds, finishing in 39:31.  My goal had been under 40, so I was happy.  I still have a lot of weight to lose, so I'm very pleased with a 13:25minute mile.   On my way to the race, I stopped in for my weekly weigh-in at Weight Watchers. (For those of you who may not have read my story, you can read it here.)   I knew that I was going to be very close to reaching -100lbs, but wasn't sure if I would hit it or not.  But, I did! 
-100.2!!!!  God is so good.  So, in one day, I accomplished 2 major feats, and it is all to His glory and through His might and power.  I praise His name.  I still have a long ways to go in both the fitness and weight area, but I have crossed over into the 100's, and I have run 100% of an official 5k race!!!
Praise the Lord with me!
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