Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Made It!

Well, I made it all week on the Nix! Gotta do it for good now. ;) It worked good for me. I am consistantly down to 125lbs and I hope to be down for tomorrow so I can subtract another pound too. ;) There were a couple of times where I put something into my mouth and actually spit it out. It really takes thinking about what goes in. Doesn´t it?

So glad many of you did so well on the Nix the Fix. It is just something fun. If you got a little goofed up with the points, don´t worry. Just keep plugging away.

You all are so motivating for me! I did my No More Trouble Zones DVD every single exercise and circuit like never before! Thank you for keeping on and encouraging me through your hard work too!

Dani Joy
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