Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Seventh Inning Stretch

Good morning Ladies!  We are going into Week 7!

 Let´s do a ...

Seventh INNING Stretch 
bonus week!

No more Nix the Fix bonus but, keep eating right and implementing those great habits.

Seventh Inning Stretch rules -
Weight loss and Activity will win runs this week! 

Four Runs = a Grand Slam =4 points!

GRAND SLAM #1.  Every pound lost =  4 runs (4 bonus points added on to the normal 5 points) (this is such an odd number + 1 more point for good measure! ) 10 points per pound!

Grand Slam #2 - 40 minutes of higher impact exercise in one cession = 4 runs (4 bonus points in addition to the 2 normal points)  total- 6pts 
(does not include stretching nor leisurely walking - higher impact only. Heart rate must go up. We must sweat!)

Grand Slam #3 - 4 Journal posts allowed this week! For a total of 4 runs - 
total 4 points. 

Tips only still equal 1 point and only still 2 per week. 

Grand Slam #4 - 4 points for 2 liters of water drank a day! woo hoo! only this week so get your water in, Ladies!

Have fun with it, Sweat it! And do it for God´s Glory!

Dani Joy
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