Tuesday, March 8, 2011

jumping back in

I decided not to let my inconsistent week and weekend discourage me and jumped back into the workout mode with 2 feet this morning. Since my husband was not using the wii to workout this morning I was able to get 20 minutes in before taking the kids to school. I did an aerobic step workout twice and then did a full 10 minutes of the hula hoop exercise. I was willing to keep going but had to change and get the kids to school. At the school I left the car in the parking lot and started out for the park. Walked there then turned on the Couch 2 5K program on my ipod and the workout that came up for the day was a 5 min warmup and then 25 min straight of running followed by a 5 min cool down. The loop that I do in the park has a couple of small inclines on the path and I wasn't quite up to jogging the whole 25 minutes. I pushed as long as I could and then walked the absolute minimum I needed to catch my breath before jogging again. I don't think either of the 2 breaks I took were longer than 1 minute. I decided to push and workout an entire hour so I finished another lap around the park and stopped at the "geriatric playground" to work on my arms a bit. When I got back to the car I saw that I had done 1 hour and 8 minutes so as soon as I got home I put another 12 to 15 minutes in (walked to the bank and the fruit market and then did the stairs up to our apartment a few times) to get another full 20 min in. Grand total for the morning 1:40 for 5 points. The best part was that I weighed myself after the workout and I was down a full pound from this morning. My hubby always weighs in lighter after his workouts but I never do --- maybe I just haven't been working long or hard enough to sweat off the weight.
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