Thursday, March 10, 2011

Measure In and update!

My scale is still staying at 52.5 kg. This week I have lost 1/2 inch in my bust and 1/2 inch in my chest. I also lost 1/2 inch in my hips, and 1/2 inch in my right thigh. So I have a total of 2 inches lost this past week.

The girls and I have started on Level 2 of the 30 Day Shred. Just when we had gotten all adjusted to Level 1, it was time to advance to a little more of a challenge.

Today we went ice skating again as a family. We are starting to get some melt off here, so this may have been our last chance to skate this season. The ice was rough and had about 1 inch of snow on it. The kids fell several times, but thankfully, I didn't. It was just more of a challenge to skate. When we first arrived at the rink, no one else was there, so it was very nice. By the time we left, there were only a handful of people. That will probably never happen again, and we did enjoy it. Since I knew about the extra points, I decided that I wanted to skate for a full hour. I skated the entire time. My shirt was soaked with sweat by the time we were through. My legs are a little sore, and probably I will feel it even more tomorrow.

I am enjoying working out almost every day. I've been busy, and behind on my kids' school grading, so I haven't been working out for as long each day as I probably should. I'm trying to get in at least 40 minutes, and I would like to increase to an hour.

Keep on working, ladies! We can do it!
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