Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Springing for More! 7th Journal Week Four Spring for More! Bonus Points

This is where I jog. It is only a 5 minute jog down hill for me to get here. There are basketball courts too. I love to play at this park.

After we got back from the mall today, and walking for a few hours (only counting 20 min), the boys and I walked/ran down to the park. We were hoping to play basketball but the courts were full. They ended up playing ping pong with some friends and I jogged and stretched. Then we walked home the long way. When I got home, I finished my hour with some ab work and stretching. Praying to have some results even after the weekend.

For all ya´ll springing hard and really putting your heart into it, please don´t get discouraged by the points. We still have 6 weeks left. A lot can happen. Stay faithful. Pray. Keep the goal and you will be surprised at the results. Try to get in at least 40 minutes a day. If you can work up to an hour even better. 

WEEK FOUR Spring for MORE! - Bonus Points 

2 points - drinking 8 - 8 oz of water at least.  (max 2 points) 
2 points extra - every 40 min continuous of exercise 
6 points total for 1 hour of exercise! (this can be a separate workout of 20min. to get to your 1hr.)

Don´t hesitate to ask any questions. If you have ideas for bonus points please send them to me by e mail. 

Springing with ya,

Dani Joy

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