Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sarah D End of week 3 Journal

Hello ladies, Time for that weekly weigh-in! Well, I was so encouraged that even though I did not see any movement on the scale this week, at least I did not see any movement in the WRONG direction! So I am holding steady at my 2 pound weight loss. Hopefully this week I will be able to keep up the exercise and see some more weight loss.

BUT, even with being sick and not being able to exercise, AND being on vacation and not eating super well, I still saw a 3 inch weight loss! Woot!

And also when I was entering my points into the ticker just now, i realized that even though Dani Joy started me off with 10 points for that initial introductory post, somehow as I have been adding my points, that 10 points had gotten lost in the shuffle and gone missing. (my spreadsheet matched my points ticker, but I hadn't entered that 10 points on my spreadsheet!) So now I am a little more encouraged with the points. Hope to take advantage of the bonus points this week!
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