Tuesday, March 8, 2011

51 Tricks to Eat Healthy Part II

51 Tricks to Eat Healthy-  from Sport Life magazine (translated and adpated by Dani Joy)

1. Do the shopping and cook at home - (review from previous post)

2. Cinnamon instead of Sugar - 

3. Exchange Coffee for Tea-  You don´t have to turn down coffee all the time, it has it´s good side too, but tea is a healthy option for every day. The mixture of antioxidents and caffine in the tea is stimulating, it reduces the risk of cavities, it prevents tumors, It helps in the oxidation of fats, and increases calorie usage.

4. Eat Legumes 3 times a week - Go back to the meal of Grandma´s  with the advantage of  pressure cookers, and cook chick peas, (garbazos), white beans, lentles, green beans, soy beans, ect. The people who have legumes every week, have 22% less risk of obesity reducing the pobability of heart disease, diabetes, inflamation, ect. 

5. Cook with Algae. They not only have very few calories with a strong flavor, but also they are a great source of protien with out fat, fiber, calcium, iodine, ect.  It is considered a cleansing food for it´s laxitive affect.  (much more that I can´t translate right now. ) 

6. Cut your food into small pieces on your plate - You can reduce your caloric intake by 20% by  cutting your food up into small pieces before you chew it. 

More to come...
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