Sunday, April 3, 2011

Add a little lemon to your water

Last Sunday I had company for dinner, and had some left over lemons that I had put on the table for the iced tea. One morning this week when I filled my water bottle for work, I saw the lemons in the refrigerator sitting there doing nothing, so I decided to squeeze one of the lemon slices into the water bottle. Wow! What a difference that little bit of taste added to drinking all that water, without adding any sugar or calories. I'm not sure why I didn't think of doing this before, because I always ask for lemon for my water in a restaurant. So as I sit here watching basketball and drinking water with a lemon, I wanted to share that little tip with everyone.

The sermon tonight at church was about "Avoiding Temptation" before it becomes a temptation. As I was contemplating the message, I was reminded that food and overeating is a temptation. Keeping the food out of the house or out of sight, is the first step to avoiding the temptation of overeating. So I passed up the tortilla chips tonight at the grocery store and instead bought the fresh vegetables (and, Alice-Madridmom-I paid far more for my few vegetables than you do at the market so eat all you can before you come home on furlough).
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